Recipes for Peace by Kifah Dasuki

Recipes for peace in English is available only on Amazon.

The Hebrew version is available here.

I have a dream… to build a small peace corner of my own – a vegan cook book straight from the Arab-Cuisine written both in Arabic and Hebrew side by side.

This book is one of its kind and unique by the “veganisation” of already existing recipes from the Arab kitchen. Needless to say, the dishes will be delicious to meat-eaters as well.

So you must wonder, where this idea came from. I strongly believe that food and music are the connective tissues between cultures. An Arab and a Jew can sit a talk about these topics for hours without erupting in an argument. So for once, let’s listen to our gut.

Recipes for peace in English is available only on Amazon.

My words might seem big and fancy, but I truly believe that this book with bring forth the true definition of peace. Peace with animals and peace among us humans.I’m aware that we don’t have the must-desired political peace at the moment, but in the interim I plan on building this little world, this book, in which I intend to plant seeds of peace.

I invite you all to come and join me in this peaceful world.

In this book you’ll find an abundance of healthy vegan recipes for main courses, appetizers and desserts, as well as additional surprises from the rich Arab cuisine.

Through this book you’ll discover the dishes born out of my so-called lifelong romance with the Arab kitchen.The book can be used as a gift for a loved one or for yourself. Who knows… it may be used in some faraway place, igniting change, a passionate conversation or a touching smile.Come and discover the existence of vegan recipes, that are not only delicious but most importantly, healthy and violent free,untouched by the violent food industry.

Recipes for peace in English is available only on Amazon.